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Sirona new Intego is the best treatment center in its class. It is not just based on the strength of innovative and award-winning design our treatment centers already existing. As a reliable partner for an effective practice, Intego has all the features that provide optimal support for the dentist and patient: ergonomic design, the highest standard of quality.

inEos X5


This new revolutionary scanner is a specialist laboratory for all tasks digitization. With an arm robot positioning innovative model, the latest scanning technology and an open interface, 5-axis Ineos X5 is your passport to unparalleled precision, handling flexible or fast scanning and a wide range of applications .



This innovative method of treatment – CEREC 3D (Sirona, Germany), the method of CAD / CAM (Computer Assisted Design – Computer Assisted Manufacture), relies on a camera video capture highly accurate detail, connected to a computer on based 3D images scanned, will design a full restoration to be placed on the prepared tooth.